Traditional czech companies are well known in India, and PBS is among them

Visit of the Indian Ministry of defence representatives to the PBS booth, IDET 2019

Czech companies have a good reputation in India. Knowledge of traditional companies and awareness of the high quality of their products have had roots in the Indian market since the existence of Czechoslovakia in the first half of the 20th century. The Czech Republic, as a successor state of Czechoslovakia, celebrated its 100 year anniversary just over a year ago. However, the tradition of PBS is much longer. The company was founded more than 200 years ago and it has focused on the development of aircraft devices for more than half a century.

Many Czech companies have been well known in India for a long period. In the first half  of the 20th century, when Czechoslovakia still existed, traditional Czech brands built a good reputation for the Czech industry there. It is interesting that some people in India believe that a shoe manufacturer and seller Baťa is an Indian company. It is not surprising that a few years ago, one of the new underground stations in New Delhi was named after this giant of Czechoslovakian industrial history. Also other companies, such as Škoda, the Czech manufacturer of cars, have a good reputation in India.  Radar systems from another Czech company, Eldis, protect almost 90 % of Indian airspace today. 

History of PBS

PBS is one of the traditional Czech companies. At the same time, its history is much longer than the existence of the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia. It was founded in 1814. The main production programme progressively became the manufacturing of steam engines, boilers and turbines. PBS developed its own steam engine 10 years after its foundation and became one of the biggest industrial companies in Austria-Hungary at the beginning of the 20th century. At first, the company mainly produced steam turbines on the basis of a Parsons licence, but later PBS came up with its own solutions, which allowed an increase in power output and efficiency.
PBS started to operate in the field of aircraft devices in the second half of the 20th century. The company commenced development of air generators and auxiliary power units (APUs) in the 1970s. Development of jet engines started in 2001, and 3 years later PBS dispatched the first serial PBS TJ100 engine to INTA, the Spanish manufacturer of training targets. Since then, PBS has extended the range of jet engines to 5 types, with a number of individual customised modifications in the power category from 230 to 1,500 N of thrust.

PBS in the Indian market

Like other Czech brands, PBS is highly respected in the Indian market where there is a considerable level of interest from Indian companies interested in business cooperation. The company has established good relationships not only with the state administration and defence forces of India, but also with significant Indian companies, above all with those operating in the field of aircraft devices. PBS is also increasingly found in the precision casting industry on the Indian market.

Cooperation between India and the Czech Republic

India has stable economic growth and a predictable political situation and is among the most significant business partners of the Czech Republic in Asia. The Indian market is one of the most important for PBS. Strong levels of communication and contact exists between India and the Czech Republic, even on a governmental level. The Indian president, Mr. Rám Náth Kóvind, visited the Czech Republic in 2018. PBS has also welcomed a large number of potential customers from the Indian market to its premises recently. Representatives from the Indian Ministry of Defence visited the PBS booth at the 2019 International Engineering Trade Fair in the Czech Republic.


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