Turboprop Engines


PBS INDIA specialises in the production of turboprop engines. The turboprop engine is considered to be a hybrid between the piston engine and jet engine. One of the main advantages of this engine is its low fuel consumption, which increases it is flight range. Because of this, this engine is used mainly in light aircraft used in civil aviation, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. PBS produces the aircraft turboprop engines and supplies these engines throughout the world.


The PBS TP100 is a turboprop engine, which is ideal for small aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and is particularly suitable for a wide range of uses such as by the rescue services, the police, the military (for reconnaissance purposes) and in agriculture. These turboprop engines can also be used in a number of military applications and for other purposes such as, for the Vertical Take-Off and Landing of UAV’s. One of the main advantages of this turboprop engine is its light weight combined with a power thrust of 241HP (180 kW) and its capacity to achieve flight levels of 29,520 ft. (9,000 m) with a maximum starting height of 19,680 ft. (6,000 m). The system is designed so that the engine can be installed in the aircraft in either pusher or tractor mode.