PBS TJ200 Turbojet Engine

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Turbine engine PBS TJ200

The PBS TJ200 turbojet engine has been developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV & UCAV) and defence applications. With a thrust of up to 2,280 N, it will be the most powerful engine of the PBS jet engine portfolio.

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The PBS TJ200 is designed primarily as a propulsion unit for modern UAV and UCAV systems and defence applications. It is an engine with small installation dimensions and a small frontal diameter, fuel lubricated, and equipped with a BLDC starter-generator, electric metering fuel pump, and electronic control system of FADEC type.

The device will be the most powerful engine in our family. Its advantages will be compact size, excellent thrust-to-weight ratio, and low fuel consumption in its category.
One of the versions of this power unit will be equipped with pyrotechnic ignition which will expand the in-flight start envelope up to 0.8 M, extending the engine's application to high-altitude air-launched defence systems.

The development programme for the new engine is well underway and we expect the engine to enter the testing phase later this year.

The final version of the engine is going to be available in 2024.


The PBS TJ200 engine has been designed with using of the latest technology and materials to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding operating conditions.
One of its key features is versatility and compatibility. We have designed the PBS TJ200 to be easily installed into a wide range of missile defence platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The engine is also ideal for aerial targets. Its design and materials allow it to be reused after landing in salt water.
With all these parameters, the PBS TJ200 offers unprecedented compatibility across applications. Its use guarantees maximum efficiency of operations while reducing logistical challenges.

Main features

  • Customization according to customer's needs (hinges, length of exit nozzle, possibility of landing on water).
  • Variant with standard or pyrotechnic ignition.
  • Integrated starter-generator allows reliable starting and power supply to the on-board subsystems.
  • Excellent weight-to-thrust ratio.




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