PBS TJ100 Turbojet Engine

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    PBS TJ100

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    Turbojet engine PBS TJ100

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    PBS TJ100

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    Application_PBS TJ100

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The PBS TJ100 is a 4th-GENERATION turbojet engine, which is ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and is particularly suitable for use by the rescue services, the police, the military for reconnaissance purposes and also for other projects, assignments and missions within military applications. These turbojet engines are also ideal for gliders and light sport and experimental airplanes.

The PBS TJ100 engine has a neat compact design and has an excellent power-to-weight ratio of up to 292 lbf (1,250 N) coupled with low fuel consumption for it is output category. This engine has an added dimension in that it is capable of landing on water.

Standard Specification includes: 

Fuel-oil System, control System, Ignition Unit, Connection Cables and Manual or Fully Automatic Control

Main features

  • Neat Compact design
  • Excellent power thrust-to-weight ratio
  • Low fuel consumption
  • The integrated starter-generator ensures reliable 24V battery start-up, supplies electricity to the vehicle’s onboard systems and cools the engine after shutdown
  • Classic design – radial compressor and annular combustion chamber, axial turbine and fixed output nozzle




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