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Ravi Hazarika
Ravi Hazarika
Sales Director

Turbine blades and gas turbine segments

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We have been suppliers of precision castings of gas turbine blades for a gas turbine manufacturer and repair organizations worldwide from the US to Russia for more than 20 years. 

We cast rotor and stator blades for industrial gas turbines. The gas turbine blades are made of IN 738LC, IN 713LC, Mar M247, GTD111, N 155 and B1914.

The PBS foundry uses state-of-the-art equipment and adheres to strict production conditions, which give customers a guarantee of high-quality castings for any use. 
In PBS we use Rapid Prototyping methods, we design and manufacture molds for wax casting, design optimal casting technology, and provide heat treatment, subsequent precision machining, and coating. 
We have our own leaching line for removing ceramic cores in blades with a cavity. We provide castings of gas turbine blades as well as whole sets.

Main advantages 

  • We provide everything from the design, casting and machining to the final product.
  • We firmly adhere to the quality standard and delivery times.
  • Latest rankings rank us among the top foundries in Europe.
  • We guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable price.
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