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Ravi Hazarika
Ravi Hazarika
Sales Director

Environmental control systems


PBS  is a designer and manufacturer of Environmental Control Systems for aircraft and helicopters. Environmental Control Systems are designed to maintain a comfortable thermal environment in the cockpit, passenger cabin and cargo holds of aircraft and helicopters during ground operations and all flight modes. Every system is tailored to specifi c aircraft in order to comply with the main aircraft engine source of compressed air for air-conditioning units.

Main components

•    Turbocooler
•    Heat exchanger
•    Water separator
•    Control valves
•    Shut-off valve
•    Check valve
•    Thermostats
•    Pneumatic regulation

Main features

  • Cooling, heating and ventilation in one compact system
  • Ability to draw air from both the APU and the main engines
  • Ecological operation - no coolan