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Ravi Hazarika
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Helium expansion turbines

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The extracted gas heat energy is transformed into the mechanical energy of the shaft inthe turbine through the turbine wheel. This mechanical energy is then transformed into thermal energy via an integrated turbine brake, which is then drained outof the turbine by means of a coolant.

PBS expansion turbines have a unified design that makes it possible to quickly respond tocustomer requirements for various input and output parameters of the expanding gas.

The main advantage of PBS expansion turbines is the very easy and precise speed control with the turbne brake, as well as their long-term trouble-free and maintenance-free operation thanks to the placement of the rotor on gas-dymanic bearings.

Main advantage:

  • Easy regulation
  • High efficiency
  • Rotor placement on gas-dynamic bearings
  • Long-term and trouble-free operation
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