PBS TJ150 Pyro ignition

PBS has introduced a pyrotechnic ignition version of its PBS TJ150 turbine engine.
The PBS TJ150, successor of proven TJ100, is availbale in the version with pyrotechnic ignition stat-up system. This expands the in-flight start envelope up to 0.8 M.

As the initiation of ignition of gas turbine combustor is usually relying on conventional spark plug methods, it has some limitations at fuel lean mixture conditions, turbulence streams and high altitude relight conditions. An alternative solution to standard spark plug is the use of pyro materials to igniter applications.

Designed for mission critical applications, the pyro igniter is a specialized initiator that produces high-temperature gas and particles for ignition of fuel for turbojet engines.

This new version of proven and succesful PBS TJ150 jet engine is equipped with pyrotechnic ignition which expands the in-flight start envelope up to 0.8 M, extending the engine's application to high altitude air-launched defence systems.

The use of engine equipped with pyro ignition greatly extends the range of suitable applications in comparison to the engine with spark plugs only.

Watch the video from our testing facility showing the testing of the PBS TJ150 engine that has upgraded the ignition system:

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